Chinese Open Face poker game guide

Chinese Open Face poker game guide

Chinese Open Face poker game guide

Chinese Open Face poker game guide

The rules of Pineapple Chinese poker are not so difficult to learn: you can learn how to play it in half an hour. The main thing is to devote time to studying theory and consolidate knowledge in practice.

In this article, we will tell you about the basic nuances of playing Chinese poker.

Basic nuances

Basic nuances of chinese open face poker

To begin with, let’s note the main points in the game:

  • The hands use standard poker decks without jokers;
  • The game can be played by 2 or 3 people;
  • The peculiarity of “Pineapple” is that users have to collect not one, but several combinations at the game table;
  • There is a dealer position at the table, which moves from one poker player to another.

Now let’s take a closer look at the course of the game.

How is the distribution going?

How is the chinese open face poker distribution going?

The number of stages in Open Face Chinese poker depends on how many people are at the table and corresponds to this number.

So, let’s consider the course of the game with three poker players at the table:

  1. At the very beginning of the deal, the dealer distributes 5 cards to each of the poker players – they must immediately be put into special sections (we will tell about them later);
  2. At the next stages of the game, players already receive 3 cards, and one of them can be thrown away. The other two will go to the same sections;
  3. The previous stage is repeated if there are 3 people at the table;
  4. After that, it turns out who the winner is by comparing the combinations in the boxes.

Why are boxes needed?

In Chinese poker, there is such a thing as boxes (or lines). This is a special place at the table where players put their cards, collecting certain combinations. There are 3 such sections in Open Faced Chinese poker Pineapple online:

  1. Upper. You need to try to put the smallest cards in it, from which no combinations will work. This line can only have 3 cards;
  2. Average. A more variable block, since you can put 5 cards in it. The priority is to collect middle hands there;
  3. Lower. The strongest combinations are laid out here. Again, 5 cards can be inserted.

It is important to observe a certain sequence – so that the upper arm has the minimum strength and it grows to the lower section. Otherwise, the user will not be able to win Open Face Chinese poker.

Note that the content of the lines of each poker player is visible to all opponents. Thus, players will be able to assess their chances of winning at each game stage.

The peculiarity of Chinese poker is that the cards laid out at the last stage cannot be rearranged on subsequent moves. Therefore, it is a whole art to correctly assess your chances of collecting combinations in lines.

A winner of Pineapple

When the hand ends, each poker player compares his combinations with each of the opponents. Moreover, the comparison takes place along each separate line. And players receive special points if the strength of their hands along the lines separately exceeds the strength of the opponents’ hands.

It is important to remember that if you have collected boxes not according to the rules (not ascending combinations), then all your lines will be considered losers. So, bonus points will be awarded in cases when all three lines are higher than the opponent’s boxes.

After collecting a certain amount of points, the leader becomes the winner and takes the pot.

These are all the basic rules of Open Face Pineapple Chinese poker – it remains to find a room where there are tables with this type of card game and start winning money. Try to play at low limits first to get minimal training.

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