Finding your poker player closest type

Finding your poker player closest type

Finding your poker player closest type

Finding your poker player closest type

If you have ever thought about your game, then this article will help you figure it out in more detail.

Reading cards

Every poker player should strive to develop the ability to “read” or predict the cards of his opponents. The more you can say about your opponent’s cards, the more successful your actions will be and the higher the chances of winning.

Every poker player should strive to develop the ability to "read" the cards of his opponents

Of course, there are no scientific theorems about predicting cards based on your opponent’s behaviour, but simple observation and common sense can help you a lot.

First, you need to define your opponent’s style of play. Is he playing tight or cheeky? Passive or aggressive? Is he/she good at camouflaging his/her intentions or is it easy to predict the meaning of his/her actions?

At the poker table, you should have plenty of time to analyze your playstyle as you will most likely fold most of your cards right away (especially if you are playing tight-aggressive). So instead of just sitting and bored waiting for good cards, watch the players at your table closely, take notes and follow the game.

Perhaps you are very lazy, and therefore you have absolutely no desire to study your opponents (anything can happen – we also suffer from this defect). If so, then you should understand that some of your opponents are actually watching other players, and therefore, they are likely to earn much more and faster than you!

It’s not very pleasant to think about it, but this fact may not be enough to motivate you to do “such a boring thing – observing opponents”.

You may be reassured by the thought that sooner or later you will get rich anyway, and if this happens a little later due to a little laziness – so what! We do not mind – this is everyone’s personal choice!

But in this case, at least try to determine who your opponents will have to deal with. In other words: you must understand which species you belong to yourself! If you take an objective look at your game, you will be able to determine your appearance, and therefore your weak points.

This way you can prevent some errors. We repeat once again – be objective and honestly analyze your game!

Types of poker players

Types of poker players

Below is a summary of the most common types of poker players and their particular qualities:

  • The weak player has a cheeky and passive style of play. Plays too many combinations, but not aggressively. It’s easy to win against such an opponent. Nevertheless, such a player can sometimes surprise, since it is difficult to predict his strong cards.
  • The entertaining gambler adheres to a cheeky-aggressive style. Plays just to have fun. In this regard, he too rarely discards cards – he wants to take part in the game as often as possible. Not afraid to bluff or play aggressively. Not the easiest opponent, but you can beat him with a constant strategy. This player often has not had very strong cards.
  • A frightened player has a tight-aggressive style of play. He chooses very carefully the combinations with which he plays, often playing at slightly overestimated limits. He tries to show his advantage as little as possible, which is why it is very easy to defeat him. Also, frightened players are pretty predictable.
  • An educated player prefers a tight-aggressive playstyle. Plays based on facts and the course of the game. Not a simple opponent, as he will try not to give out any information about his game, and will also force you to fork out a lot before giving up. However, this view is predictable, so a good player will be able to anticipate his intentions.
  • Maniac is characterized by a very aggressive and very cheeky style of play. He rarely folds and almost always prefers to bet or raise. This is a rather difficult opponent, as it is difficult to predict him and it is always expensive to play against him. Be that as it may, using a good consistent strategy, you can win against such an opponent, and against an experienced player, this subtype has very little chance of winning.
  • The deceiver loves to bluff. He thinks that if you try really hard you can win any game. Though difficult to predict, they are easy to beat, as the Deceiver often plays with weak cards.
  • An expert can adapt his style of play to the situation, so he can get the maximum benefit under any circumstances. It is very difficult to read as such a player knows how to balance between good basic strategy and unexpected actions that will confuse opponents.

If you can’t figure out what your style of play is, remembering what mistakes you make more often will help you figure out which type you belong to.

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