Poker positions on table for new players

Poker positions on table for new players

Poker positions on table for new players

Poker positions on table for new players

Very often, beginners do not know the full value of a position in poker at the table. But this is one of the main guarantees of a successful game. Proper use of your position allows you to increase your win rate and with it your bankroll.

Analysis of positions and the nuances of their use cannot be imagined without knowing the role of the dealer, which is the player who has the “Button” chip. The role of the dealer in the game is rolling, each player becomes him clockwise.

Each new hand the button goes to the next player. All positions in poker change relative to the dealer. If you play at a table where the dealer is a special, separate person, then the “button” still remains in the game and will simply move in turn from player to player.

Value of positions

Poker Game positions are divided into 4 types

Game positions are divided into 4 types:

  1. Blinds (big and small). They are designated SB (Small Blind) and BB (Big Blind), these are the first two positions to the left of the dealer;
  2. Early. The positions following the blinds are also to the left of the dealer. Often these positions are designated as UTG (Under-The-Gun, which means “under the gun”) or EP (Early Position);
  3. Average. They are designated MP (Middle Position) and follow the early ones;
  4. Late. They are designated as LP (Late Position), it is under these designations that the dealer and the player to his right are located, who is designated as Cut-Off.

Each of these positions denotes the order of decision-making at the auction, which is very important since depending on the position you will have more or less information about your opponents.

The tactics of playing the game in a specific position

The tactics of playing the game in a specific position

Consider general guidelines for behavior in the game, given the position:

  1. Blinds. It’s the least advantageous position in the game, and you are playing on MB or BB, it doesn’t matter. This is because you will have to constantly make decisions first (except preflop, here last), without information about the intentions of your opponents. It’s best to play strong hands from the blinds that you are confident in;
  2. Early position. This is a tricky position because you have to make a decision first after the blinds, which puts you at a disadvantage, especially when the latter fold. Don’t risk playing with weak cards;
  3. Middle position. The whole point lies in its name, playing in the middle position you do not have information about every opponent, but you do have about the blinds and EP. Here the range of your hands is much larger than in previous positions, you just have to make sure that the players sitting before you do not fold their cards, in this case, you will become the first;
  4. Late position. By far the best position at the table, you make a decision later than everyone else, getting the following advantages in assessing the strength of your hand, you have a range of starting hands, starting from preflop, the ability to steal the blinds, bluff, evaluate the pot and fold without loss.

Of course, positions do not guarantee you a complete advantage over the situation. However, the competent application of knowledge about the position in poker at the table with other tactical techniques will definitely increase the percentage of your wins at the tables.

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